The Vilifying of Gavin McInnes and The Proud Boys

by Linda Jordan October 5, 2020

Enough of this nonsense. The Proud Boys are not white supremacists. That is a lie perpetrated by the Southern Poverty Law Center(1), main stream media, democrats, and un-hinged liberals. The FBI has not classified Proud Boys as a white nationalist hate group. (2) For years the political violence we have faced in this country has overwhelmingly come from the left.(3) For the last four months BLM and Antifa, actual domestic terrorists, have waged war against America in several major cities; arson, beatings, destruction, murder, mayhem and massive violence against police officers.(4) Close to two billion dollars worth of damage so far. (5) Stop this absolute rubbish about The Proud Boys and focus on the real threat to our country.

The truth about Gavin McInnes in 1,248 hours. Comedian, author and culture historian Gavin McInnes created The Proud Boys. He also co-founded Vice Magazine which I am fairly sure I’d hate, he wrote ‘The Death of Cool’ which I have never read but I hear it’s cool.(6) I am not the target audience for the Gavin McInnes Show. (7) I am a woman and I have grand children. But somehow I stumbled across it and over the last four years I have listened to roughly 1,248 hours of the stuff that rolls out of the brain of Gavin McInnes and it is not racism.(8)

It is an encyclopedic knowledge of music, culture and history, a huge vocabulary, interesting, funny stories about his past and present, the ability to speak in almost any accent, incredible insights into people and what’s really going on with politics and society. And yes lots of dumb male humor. There will be fart jokes, there will be some ideas about women that are spot on and some that are wrong headed (no men are not venerating women by patronizing strip clubs).

There are some gross, foul mouthed, x rated sexual and sometimes mean spirited sidebars where I have to turn the volume down. A lot of fond memories about past drug use which he will have to reconcile when his kids use it as a reason why it’s O.K. I understand why he is not everyone’s cup of tea but I find that it is well worth it to wade through or mute the gross stuff to hear what he adds to the discourse.

With Gavin McInnes you get an exercise in free flowing thought and he does not shy away from topics the left has said are forbidden. You get an honest exploration of ideas and opinions, freedom of expression. Don’t you miss that?

After listening to McInnes over the last four years I have learned that he is genius level smart, brave, loyal, NOT a racist, NOT a white supremacist. He is a dedicated husband and father, hard working, is too mean at times to his sidekick Ryan and protects him like a brother, is patriotic, quick to get angry, cheap, tender hearted, drinks too much and he believes in God. But the overarching tie that binds McInnes together is his incredible sense of humor. In fact it is a disservice to call him a comedian. It is more fitting to call him a truly funny guy.

The truth about The Proud Boys. I watched the Proud Boys story unfold as it was happening. From an outsider’s perspective here is my recounting of how the club came to be and who they are. You can hear Gavin tell the verboten version of it here. (9)

McInnes started the group around four and a half years ago after lamenting that men’s clubs like The Knights of Columbus were a dying breed and men didn’t have any where they could go to just hang out and be men. He began imagining what a mens club would look like if he made one up and Proud Boys was born. Yes it was kind of a joke but he ran with it. They would wear Fred Perry black and yellow shirts for their uniform. The club’s slogan would be “The West Is the Best”. ‘Proud of Your Boy’ would be their theme song.(10) He’d include some stupid, traditions from his childhood. Like The Proud Boys initiation ceremony. Fellow members punch you until you can name five breakfast cereals. My kids played a similar game called “slug bug”. (11)

The Proud Boys do not hate white men because they are white. They judge character not skin color. They do not believe that the white race is inherently superior to other races. A group who actually believes that would not allow all kinds in to their club. It is a fact that Proud Boys chapters all across the country welcome and have members who are black, Hispanic, Latino, Jewish, Samoan, Asian, Native American and other non-white or ethnic groups I haven’t mentioned.(12)

The Proud Boys rallying cry has nothing to do with race. It has to do with their love for America and the west. It has to do with their desire to encourage young men to grow up and be responsible adults. To get a job, read good books, sow your oats like crazy until you are around 24 years old (I disagree on this point), then find someone you love, put a ring on it, get married and have children. After that be faithful, commit to the marriage and don’t abandoned your children. Be brave. And by the way, stop masturbating to pornography. It’s a waste of your sexual energy and tantamount to cheating on your wife. At the meet ups there will be drinking, juvenile male humor, even if you are fifty years old, and just plain fun. Years ago The Proud Boys began to bravely defend conservative speakers on college campuses who were being attacked by violent BLM and Antifa mobs. They protect innocent people, they fight back they do not attack. An official list of The Proud Boy tenets is provided here. (13)

That’s The Proud Boys in a nutshell or should I say a nutsack in keeping with the situation.

Closing. The vilifying of Gavin McInnes and The Proud Boys can be directly tied to their support of President Donald J. Trump. According to the unhinged left anybody who supports Trump is a racist.(14) This character assassination against them was carried out by a mob of soul sucking, vapid, humorless, ignorant, hateful, fascists otherwise known as the democrats, the media and the radical left. The slanderous “you’re a racist” lie that slid off their slimy tongues has harmed the lives of innocent people. Many Proud Boys lost their jobs. Because they were labeled a “hate group” by the SPLC two have been imprisoned, sentenced to four years, one separated from his three small children. Their crime? A seventeen second round of fist a cuffs with Antifa thugs who attacked them. (15)

What was done to Gavin McInnes and The Proud Boys is despicable and should be soundly rejected. And President Trump, once you figure out that this whole thing was a hoax, those Proud Boys in prison are deserving of a pardon. (16)



(2) In November 2018 it was reported on the basis of an internal memo of the Clark County, Washington Sheriff’s Office – based on an FBI briefing – that the Bureau classified the Proud Boys “an extremist group with ties to white nationalism”. (Wilson, Jason. “FBI now classifies far-right Proud Boys as ‘extremist group’, documents say”. The Guardian. Retrieved 19 November 2018.) Two weeks later, the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Oregon office denied that the FBI had made that designation about the entire group, ascribing it to a misunderstanding on the part of the Sheriff’s Office. (Bernstein, Maxine (4 December 2018) “Head of Oregon’s FBI: Bureau doesn’t designate Proud Boys as extremist group” The Oregonian) The SAIC, Renn Cannon, said that their intent was simply to characterize the possible threat from certain members of the group, not to classify the entire group. ( Barnes, Luke (7 December 2018) “FBI does U-turn on Proud Boys ‘extremist’ label” ThinkProgress)






(8) 52 weeks a year X 4 days a week X 4 years X 1.5 hours per show = 1,248 hours



(11) A car game generally played by children in which participants punch each other on the arm upon first sight of a Volkswagen Beetle while calling out “Punch buggy!” or “Slug bug!” in reference to the Beetle’s nickname, the Bug.

(12) Wilfred Reilly, a black professor of political science at Kentucky State Univ – Historically black college, says Proud Boys are NOT white supremacy group. Says “10% to 20% of them are people of color, a diverse racial composition that is “extremely well-known in law enforcement.”




(16) May God bless you and keep you and your family President Trump. May God protect you from all those who would do you harm and restore you to health. Amen.

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