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BLM, Riots & The Honeymoon Phase

June 15, 2020

If any adults in charge of this country actually show up for work, and restore law and order, we will enter the honeymoon phase of these latest riots.

Riots that were brought to us by Black Lives Matter and financed by mostly white, limousine liberals. The superior people who know better than us. BLM is black face for the radical left who are counting on them to be their foot soldiers. Counting on them to instigate the Marxist revolution they seek. Counting on them to make their dreams come true, the transference of power into the hands of the ruling elite. The elimination of the middle class and the enslavement of the lower class. This is a class war. A money grab. A power grab. It is not about systemic racism or 700,000 racist cops.

In just 14 days BLM et al have burned large parts of our cities to the ground, destroyed and looted thousands of businesses and set cars on fire. They waged assaults on police precincts until weak kneed officials ordered they be abandoned. Then they set them on fire or occupied them. They threw, rocks, concrete, frozen water bottles, molotov cocktails, and bricks, at cops. And when they hit their target it made them happy. At least 3 cops are dead in their wake, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.” They ordered officers to quit their jobs and, absent that, to take their guns, place them under their chins and pull the trigger.

Woke lawyers offered free representation to vandals, looters and cop killers. Rioters were encouraged to direct their rage at “whites, not blacks or browns.” And they mostly did. White people, men and women, old and young, were beaten and stomped on. White shop owners were attacked with fists, rocks, and 2×4’s. Of course, that admonition to not attack “blacks or browns”, went out the window if you were a cop or caught in the melee or a flat screen T.V. was involved.

They shut down our streets and freeways. They defaced and toppled our monuments and historic buildings. They occupied at lease six city blocks in one major city, established a border with barricades and patrol it with armed guards.

The violence was staggering but we had made them so angry. It was justified.

The media assured us the riots were mostly peaceful protests while buildings burned behind them and vestiges of violence and looting surrounded them. When we noticed the violence they encouraged us to focus on the peace and love part. The poetry reading, the singing, the marching arm in arm, red and yellow, black, and white.

When we could not turn our eyes away from the ugly truth they said, “Don’t blame the violence on BLM”. They were hijacked by Antifa. Then it was the Proud Boys, the Proud Boys caused all this violence. Finally they settled on cops and white supremacists. Yeah that’s the ticket. But we have color T.V.’s and eyes in our head. It wasn’t just white boys dressed in black.

We saw what was going on. We remembered the Trayvon Martin riots, the Ferguson riots, the Eric Garner riots, the Freddie Gray riots, St. Paul riots, Alton Sterling riots. When you’re invited to a BLM protest you know it’s going to be a hot time in the old town tonight. Now we have the George Floyd riots. Six years and BLM has never been able to convey their message of peace to their followers. I wonder why?

For fourteen days, and counting, they have gotten away with this war on America because they had allies. Democrat mayors, city councils, governors and politicians rolled out the red carpet. BLM was given the key to the city. At least every democrat run city. There was very little opposition. Republicans were no where to be seen. We were on our own.

After they had us good and scared, they started making demands. They chanted at us to get on our knees and we knelt before them, asked them to forgive us for being white, for being racist, for our blood guilt. Next we got on our bellies and put our hands behind our backs and apologized for being white, for being racist.

The FBI, National Guard, police, politicians, all got on their knees eager to appease. Eager to stop their violence. Then we bowed down and washed the feet of protest organizers and asked for forgiveness for being white or for being a cop. Following in Lenin’s footsteps they demanded that police departments be eliminated and some Mayors and city councils agreed. They demanded money to fund their own “armed black peace officers” to protect black neighborhoods. And people listened.

They told us to remove books from our libraries written by white authors. To eliminate movies that promote “systemic racism” like Gone With The Wind. To cancel T.V. shows like ‘Cops’ and ‘Live PD’ because those ride-a-longs showed what most cops are really like, decent human beings. In the future cops must be portrayed as brutes and racists. Oh, wait, there won’t be any cops.

They demanded whites give up their jobs to blacks as atonement for the sin of being white and many did. If you did not agree with them and expressed that belief you got fired. You were forced to close your business. You were hounded. Even if you groveled, said everything they wanted you to say, admitted you were racist, decried your defense of the American flag, your defense of America, it did not appease them. You were branded with a scarlet letter. No diversity of opinion allowed.

BLM demanded money, reparations, and capitalists, who they say they hate, gave their cause hundreds of millions. Antifa played but all they got was minimum wage. To honor the BLM rioters, the occupiers, we named streets and parks, and buildings after them.

Unfortunately, the dream that BLM has, their cause, is to keep racism alive. Even if they have to exaggerate, fabricate or instigate it. It’s how they get paid, it’s their bread and butter, it’s how they claim victimhood and sainthood at the same time. It’s how they gain power.

In the last three weeks BLM has extorted a great deal from us. They got their pound of flesh. And when this latest round of violence and subjugation, of beatings and threats, are over, these domestic violence terrorists will bring us roses and talk nice and offer to pick up the dishes they broke. All peaceful like. Until we make them angry again.

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